Princesses, knights and dragons?

How often have we heard about the legend of Sant Jordi? A beautiful story of sacrifice, courage, and love, with a happy ending. The legend is just a magical story that became a festivity in Catalonia many years ago. We want to tell you the facts beyond the legend: Sant Jordi is celebrated on April... continue reading

“THE ICE CREAM CLUB”, summer collection 2022

Dear Waterlemoners, after several months of work and endless days, we are very excited to present our new summer collection "The Ice Cream Club".  A collection that has been designed with post-pandemic optimism and positivism in mind. Now, after this complicated period, we are more aware of our emotions and physical state, of our health... continue reading

We are getting ready to celebrate CARNIVAL!

Only a few days left to Carnival and our characters are already preparing it. By the way, do you know where the word carnival comes from?  Well, we're going to tell you. The word "carnival" comes from the Italian "carnevale" and this, from the Latin word "carnem levare”, which means to remove the flesh. According... continue reading
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