Do you know how the sand of the beaches is created?

We all love to make castles in the sand! Probably you have dig huge holes in the sand where you buried yourself until you only keep your head out. No doubt, the sand is what we love the most about visiting the beach. However, have you ever wondered where it comes from or how it... continue reading

Let’s take care of whales and dolphins!

At Waterlemon we want to commemorate the World Whale and Dolphin Day celebrated since July 23, 1986. This day was born with the aim of raising awareness about the hunting of these marine animals that are harmless and always give us great moments in aquariums. The little ones love being able to approach the dolphins... continue reading

Taking care of the planet is fun

We hear more and more about sustainability, about being more ecological and about taking care of our planet. If we want to continue enjoying our Mediterranean climate, the moments on the beach, the walks in the park, ... we will have to do something. Do you know what's best? Well, taking care of our planet... continue reading
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