At Waterlemon we are premiering! The new collection has arrived loaded with good vibes and a lot of love. And all this, by the hand of Rufo, our sailor duckling, who will accompany us throughout this season.

So, we present to you Rufo, the sailor duck of Waterlemon. Rufo loves the sea. That’s why we named him Sailor Duck. We met him one day on the seashore, next to the seagulls and wesoon learned that Paco was a very original duckling: unlike his brothers and the other ducks of his kind, he wanted to get out of the freshwater rivers and discover the sea.

Rufo has inspired us with all the designs of this new season.  With your help, in this collection we have opted for a color palette isthat it combines blue, mauve and, of course, Waterlemon yellow, with very summery and very sweet prints, which convey a lot of love and affection, Mas Amore, not forgetting the funniest side of Waterlemon.

This season, we have launched a few fresh garments to combat the summer heat, with exclusive designs and care to the last detail, to ensure the comfort of our children and the safety of the parents. And with products for all tastes: a few more finite and classic, others more piper and fun.

Because we want you all to be part of the Waterlemon family.


What are you waiting for to meet Rufo and join our sailor crew family?

As always, we continue to keep every effort so that the beautiful and fun is not at odds with quality. We want our little ones to look comfortable, with good quality and fashionable garments.

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