There are only a few days left of summer vacation, and that means we will soon be embarked on the new school adventure. We will meet our friends and talk about all the adventures lived during the holidays: in the camp, in colonies, on the beach, the pool, the river, in the courtyard of the house … We bet you have a lot to explain! We know that starting a new course is very exciting and so that you do not forget anything you have lived this summer we encourage you to write your own summer diary. Draw and paint a drawing that represents the coolest thing   you have done during vacation, behind the drawing write a sentence or two explaining it.

Of course, you cannot forget to comment on your Waterlemon look, what garments have you used? Have you felt comfortable and handsome wearing them?

We have also written something in our summer diary:

More Amore has been  Waterlemon’s Summer 2021 collection. Inspired by the freshness and love of summer, we created a super sugarcane and fun collection. Rufo, the sailor duck, has been our faithful friend during these summer months.

And look at the moments  we lived!

Thank you, little ones, moms, and daddies and all the families for joining us on this super trip! At Waterlemon we continue to work harder than ever to design and produce products for all tastes. Because we want you all to be part of the Waterlemon family.


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