April the 23rd is a very special date, it is Sant Jordi and it is also the international day of the book. Reading is very important for the development of children and is also super fun when you really find that book or that story that hooks you so much that you can’t stop reading.

That’s why today, at Waterlemon, we bring you a very cool proposal to make reading an even funnier experience and another way to have a good time with our little ones. We propose to make dragon book pints in a Waterlemon style.

To do this we will need:
  • Green (or dragon-color) cardboard, white (for eyes and teeth) and yellow and red (for fire flames)
  • Color markers
  • A ruler, scissors and glue
  • Lots of imagination and the desire of having a great time
And how can we do it?
  • Step 1: First of all, we cut the cardboard into 15×15 size.
  • Step 2: Next, we will bend it by its diagonal, forming a triangle.
  • Step 3: Next, we take one of the bottom corners and fold it up to find the center point.
  • Step 4: We will repeat the same with the other side. (photo 4)
  • Step 5: Once the two corners are bent, we flatten it again. Thus, the paper will be marked.
  • Step 6: Now, we take the top and fold it down, creating a kind of pocket in the middle.
  • Step 7: And all you have to do is take the two sides and insert them into your pocket.

And we have our book point, but…, now comes the most important thing. We have to decorate it to make it a dragon.

We cut two rounds of a cardboard or white paper and draw a black eye, angry, happy, hungry… Draw your look you want! We use white cardboard to trim small triangles that will be teeth, and stick them inside the pocket. And all that’s missing is the fire. Irregularly cut a piece of yellow cardboard and simulate the flames by decorating it with another red or orange piece.

Give the dragon the finishing touch by drawing finite scales… and we already have the dragon devouring-books!!!!

At Waterlemon we are always committed to learning, fun and growth and that is why Sant Jordi is, for us, such an important date. Happy Sant Jordi to you all. Long live the books!


Photo credit: Youmekids, Pinterest.

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