How often have we heard about the legend of Sant Jordi? A beautiful story of sacrifice, courage, and love, with a happy ending.

The legend is just a magical story that became a festivity in Catalonia many years ago.

We want to tell you the facts beyond the legend:

  • Sant Jordi is celebrated on April 23rd in honor of the knight Jordi who died in the year 303.  The knight was born in Cappadocia (Turkey), under the orders of Diocletian. Sant Jordi refused to persecute and slaughter Christians, so he was tortured and sentenced to death. This is the real basis of the history of Sant Jordi, but over the years, the veneration for his figure and spread throughout Europe and created numerous fantastic details, becoming a legend.
  • In the fifteenth century a rose flower fair, mostly visited by couples, was held in the Palace of the Generalitat of Barcelona. This started the tradition of giving away a rose in Sant Jordi´s day. In the language of flowers, the rose is a symbol of femininity and the red color means passion. The rose of Sant Jordi mixes both elements being the protagonist of the festivity.
  • The same day, it is also a tradition to give away a book. Its origin dates back to the 20s of the twentieth century, when the Valencian writer Vicente Clavel y Andrés, proposed a fair to promote the sale of books in Catalonia. The date chose was October 7, 1927.
  • Two years later, while the International Exhibition of Barcelona was being held, the booksellers of the city went out to the streets to offer their books. The initiative was so successful that it was decided to change the date of the book fair to April 23rd, also in memory of Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare.

As a result, today we have a beautiful celebration where men give a rose to the loved one and women give a book to their partner.

In Waterlemon, we love this date, we encourage you to celebrate it with your little ones, because on this day many interesting things come together:

We have a bit of history, we have a tale of fable and legend, we talk about love and about reading. A good mix for the whole family.

And we encourage you to tell them the legend, but also a little history that they are sure to be passionate about. So, pajamas and stories!!

Happy Sant Jordi Waterlemoners!

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