On the occasion of recycling week, at Waterlemon we decided to dedicate this post to talk about the importance of quality, recycling and reuse, also in our sector, that of fashion.

Children grow faster and faster, so every year we buy and renew a lot of clothes. And it’s normal, in the end, we all like to have a super cool style no matter how old!

Therefore, it is very important to take care of the garments that we buy to ensure their durability and to know that we have many options for clothes that have already become small, that we do not leave or that we no longer like so much, before throwing it away.

The first thing to consider is the quality of the garments we buy. Opting for quality clothing extends the life of products and this means a greater benefit to the environment. Therefore, at Waterlemon, we work only with high quality fabrics, guaranteeing a good durability of all our garments. For example, our swimsuit lycra fabrics ensure elasticity that provide greater strength, and dries out very quickly! Our T-shirts and pajamas are 100% cotton, which allow greater breathability than other fabrics. In addition, the embroidery, prints and details are of high quality and do not end up detaching from the garment as usually happens with a lot of clothes.

Another thing to keep in mind is the care of clothes. It is very important to know the conditions of use and washing. There are more delicate garments that can be damaged by ironing or washing them at high temperatures. Therefore, it is important to consult the labels before cutting them away and always choose to wash them with cold or warm water. That way we’ll consume less and help take care of the planet. At Waterlemon, all our garments can be washed with warm water. And so that you can always know how to take care of your clothes, you have all the care and washing instructions on each product and on our website.

And finally, be supportive. A good option not only for the environment, but also to help other families, is to donate that clothes that have become small but still remains in good condition. When we opt for quality clothing like the Waterlemon clothes, it stays small and in perfect condition. Take advantage of it and give it to a little brother, cousins or someone who might need it. Thus, you will give products a second chance and, at the same time, you will be helping to take care of the environment.

At Waterlemon we put all our efforts to offer the highest quality of our garments, thus guaranteeing greater durability. We want our little ones to look

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