The protagonists of Waterlemon this month are Chen and Nancy, two eskimos who live at the North Pole.

Did you know that “Eskimo” is a term used to name the various indigenous peoples who inhabit the Arctic regions of North America and part of Siberia.

Our protagonists, Chen and Nancy live at the North Pole and today they are going to show us how they survive in that area where the cold is polar.

The eskimos speak Eskimo languages and are classified depending on the area in which they live:  The Inuit and the Yupik. Chen and Nancy are Inuit Eskimos (in our language it means people). They spend most of the year living among the ice and snow and   they can withstand temperatures of up to -50 degrees. Where they live the land cannot be farmed, so they live on hunting and fishing. They do not usually have a fixed place to live, they are therefore nomads. They need to move to find food. Their means of transport are dog sleds and in spring they fish using kayaks. Their houses are called Igloos

The skins of the animals they hunt are used to make clothes and shoes. Waterlemon has thought a lot about them and has found the ideal garment to be very warm with pajamas that you will love and thus be able to play Eskimos at home!   

Chen and Nancy tell you how to do it:

Set up a tent using a sheet, draw and cut some fish (it will be your food), take a basin and place a blue paper on the bottom simulating water, and introduce the fish into it (we already have our sea of fish), take some cardboard straws and hook them a little wool to make our fishing rod.  A flashlight simulates fire, and we are ready for the adventure!!

Don’t forget to choose your  Waterlemon  pajamas!

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