It’s summer Waterlemoners! And over here we’re very excited. Gradually we are allowed to reunite with ours and finally celebrate the long-awaited birthday parties and, what better time than summer?

Birthday is a very important date; we get older and we have to celebrate. That’s why today we bring you a great idea to celebrate your party in the Waterlemon style.

Do you want to surprise your friends and become the king or the queen of the party? Pay attention, we propose a super simple craft to get a very TOP decoration!

We will need:

We will use plastic containers that you have already consumed (you know that we insist on recycling and reuse) and remove the labels of the brand that wrap the container. To do this, the smoothie containers are perfect, because of their size and ease of removing labels, but anyone that we can customize by removing the brands can serve us.

For your next party, recover used packaging and customize them with new cardboard of another color and with our drawings!!

Once we have the packaging without labels, we cut a cardboard of the color that we like the most. Use different colors if you prefer. Then we’ll stick the cardboard around the container.

And now the Waterlemon touch. You have 2 options: The Strawberry Party and the Lemon Party

Download here our coolest drawings of this season. Print them to a measure similar to the cardboard strip you’ve trimmed. We recommend that you print them on a little thicker paper or on cardboard.

Then paste them into the colored cardboard attached to the container and…. VOILA!!! Your Waterlemon glass are customized!!!  Awesome!

We have also prepared a garland, birthday numbers, an individual tablecloth and other materials with which to decorate your party in the Waterlemon style. Download them here !!!

We also propose you to use the drawings to hook them into chopsticks, make hanging garlands with several of them and paste them into the balloons.

Don’t forget the most important detail of all… Your birthday look. Choose your garment in our shop, in conjunction with all the attrezzo we have prepared, and become the king or queen of the party

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