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Learning Corner: Chen and Nancy tell us about the eskimos

The protagonists of Waterlemon this month are Chen and Nancy, two eskimos who live at the North Pole. Did you know that "Eskimo" is a term used to name the various indigenous peoples who inhabit the Arctic regions of North America and part of Siberia. Our protagonists, Chen and Nancy live at the North Pole... continue reading

Learning Corner: Managing Gifts

We love Christmas. This year, as usual, will come loaded with gifts. The fact is, that in Christmas we tend to exceed a little with everything: food, parties, and of course, gifts. Therefore, today in our Learning Corner, we bring you some tips to manage the abundance of gifts. Enjoy reading!   Our children feel... continue reading

Long live clothes!

On the occasion of recycling week, at Waterlemon we decided to dedicate this post to talk about the importance of quality, recycling and reuse, also in our sector, that of fashion. Children grow faster and faster, so every year we buy and renew a lot of clothes. And it's normal, in the end, we all... continue reading

The learning corner. Wrap your gifts up

Can you imagine our softy rompers wrapped in a silk fabric? And what about receiving your pyjamas wrapped in nice combining cotton clothes? Special downloadable gift ¡Great Waterlemon labels! Christmas is coming and we all have in mind the gifts that await us. Some already have the letter to the Three Wise Men ready, others... continue reading
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