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The learning corner. Wrap your gifts up

Can you imagine our softy rompers wrapped in a silk fabric? And what about receiving your pyjamas wrapped in nice combining cotton clothes? Special downloadable gift ¡Great Waterlemon labels! Christmas is coming and we all have in mind the gifts that await us. Some already have the letter to the Three Wise Men ready, others... continue reading

Learning Corner. Sunscreen

The importance os Sunscreen for Children. Waterlemon wants you to have a good time, always staying beautiful but safe, and that's why we think it's very important to take the right protective measures in the summer. Here is some advice from an expert doctor. "Cautious sunbathing has beneficial effects such as: vitamin D production, mood... continue reading

Learning corner. Mediterranean fish

Waterlemon Science. Fish species in the Mediterranean Sea Waterlemon wishes to contribute to the learning process of our children through games, this is why you will find some posts on our blog where, apart from learning, we offer your children a funny game or activity to be shared with the family. Let’s dive into the... continue reading
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