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“THE ICE CREAM CLUB”, summer collection 2022

Dear Waterlemoners, after several months of work and endless days, we are very excited to present our new summer collection "The Ice Cream Club".  A collection that has been designed with post-pandemic optimism and positivism in mind. Now, after this complicated period, we are more aware of our emotions and physical state, of our health... continue reading

In bad weather… dress Waterlemon!

How many times have we heard “every cloud has a silver lining”?  We are convinced that you will find that silver lining when you see our collection for the rain!!! Beautiful novelties for rainy and cold days, all of course together, so that your look continues to be unique. Bold prints, colors that brighten up any... continue reading

Summer holidays, see you soon!

There are only a few days left of summer vacation, and that means we will soon be embarked on the new school adventure. We will meet our friends and talk about all the adventures lived during the holidays: in the camp, in colonies, on the beach, the pool, the river, in the courtyard of the... continue reading

Long live clothes!

On the occasion of recycling week, at Waterlemon we decided to dedicate this post to talk about the importance of quality, recycling and reuse, also in our sector, that of fashion. Children grow faster and faster, so every year we buy and renew a lot of clothes. And it's normal, in the end, we all... continue reading

We release collection and characters in Waterlemon

At Waterlemon we are premiering! The new collection has arrived loaded with good vibes and a lot of love. And all this, by the hand of Rufo, our sailor duckling, who will accompany us throughout this season. So, we present to you Rufo, the sailor duck of Waterlemon. Rufo loves the sea. That's why we... continue reading

The learning corner. Wrap your gifts up

Can you imagine our softy rompers wrapped in a silk fabric? And what about receiving your pyjamas wrapped in nice combining cotton clothes? Special downloadable gift ¡Great Waterlemon labels! Christmas is coming and we all have in mind the gifts that await us. Some already have the letter to the Three Wise Men ready, others... continue reading

Pyjamas party

We don't stop playing at Waterlemon and this time we invite you to our Pyjama Party! Choose one of our beautiful pyjamas from the collection, Indians, stars, rockets, planets ... and get ready to have a great time at home. If you have not chosen it yet, get inspired here, the theme you choose will... continue reading

The winter of dreams comes to Waterlemon

"BORN FROM THE STARS" is the name we gave to our new winter collection. Do you know why? Well, this is because we were inspired by the world of dreams, where, becouse of the imagination of children, everything is possible. This is the fantastic world our children allow us to relive everyday.  A very important... continue reading

Long live the puddles!

Who said that rainy days are boring? A pair of good waterproof boots to protect us from the cold and, above all, from the rain, is exactly what we need to cheer up the autumn and those winter days. Waterlemon presents its new high quality collection of rain boots with very original designs. Wellies are... continue reading

Summer 2020 Waterlemon collection

Fun Under The Sun “Fun under the sun” is the collection that takes us to those summer days in which there are long lasting games, laughter, dancing and naps on the beach, by the pool or at any nice and calm place. Our pieces of clothing are comfortable, with a certain classical and elegant touch... continue reading
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